#1 Checking fleas for each other.

#2 Eating like an animal.

zookeepers acts as horses eating

#3 Bearing a stone slate, eating salad, like turtles.

zookeepers act like turtle

#4 Which Kangaroo is Cute?

zookeepers pictures acting like a kangaroo.

#5 Draw me like one of your French girls.

zookeepers make funny animal pictures

#6 Minnesota Zoo aquarium.

funny zoo aquarium pictures

#7 Playing like a millipedes.

Minnesota zookeepers funny millipedes picture

#8 Zookeepers playing like camels.

zookeepers imitate animals funny pictures

#9 Zookeepers playing like a beaver.

#10 . Feeding Koala.

zookeepers koala funny pictures


After some zoo workers recreated Chris Pratt’s Moves in JURASSIC WORLD, Minnesota zookeepers have a better idea: they imitate those normal animals in their zoo! From horses, camels, seals to turtles.Those hilarious pictures are called “Minnesota Human Zoo”.

Website: http://mnzoo.org/
The Minnesota Zoo is located in Apple Valley, a southern suburb of the Twin Cities, just 10 minutes south of Mall of America.
13000 Zoo Boulevard
Apple Valley, MN 55124
Phone: 952.431.9200, 1.800.366.7811
24-hour information line: 952.431.9500

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