#1 Since when butter becomes so inspirational?

spiritual progression of margarine funny meme

#2 Commuters knows this pain.

bus driver funny meme

#3 1961 Buick “Flamingo”

buick Flamingo with rotating front seat

#4 How to write the beginning of the essay.

decent progress of essay funny memes

#5 The first problem for tall guy.

How tall are you funny cards

#6 This baby’s face is priceless.

kids funny memes

#7 See Gru taking the subway today, wanna ask where his minions are.

man in train funny meme

#8 Weird people in supermarket.

man wearing lady shoes funny memes

#9 Funny baby memes

what do I do with my hand kids funny meme

#10 Baby can also protest.

stand up for what you believe in funny memes