#1 First day at work: remember all the colleague’s name.

funny cats face: new employee at work

#2 Failed at your first project.

failed at your first project

#3 Your face when the weekend is coming.

office work:the weekend is coming

#4 Tired at work

10 funny cats: tired at work

#5 Find the mysterious lunch theft

missing office lunch mystery solved

#6 Wage payday!

funny cat face: the wage payday.

#7 Boss’s lame joke.

when boss told a lame joke.

#8 Office gossip!

funny cat faces: office gossip.

#9 Boss is on vacation!

when boss is on vacation

#10 Funny cat faces: Boss has a favorite employee, but not you!

when boss has his favorite employee

#11 One of the reasons that you hate your work.

funny cat annoying faces:people keeps asking questions