#1 Stop what you’re doing and look at her face!

funny picture today: dog guilty face, adorable!

#2 When dog met his favorite Santa.

Funny Pictures Today! 10 Pics

#3 A mighty star: Christmas topper.

funny pictures: cat standing on top of Christmas tree.

#4 Dog’s love story: Romeo and Juliet.

walk dog: Romeo and Juliet

#5 Life quote: Dog is the part of your life

dog quote: dog is part of your life

#6 This classmate takes his lab class very seriously.

cute dog attends college class

#7 A monster sitting in a flight

cute kid monster costume siting in flight seat

#8 Christmas Tree Of The Year.

creative and funny Christmas tree decoration ideas

#9 Supermarket parking hero

Supermarket shopping cart circle: car parking

#10 Too cheap for Christmas decorations: Beer can choir.

Poor Christmas Decoration ideas