Work is an eventually of life whether you like it or not. You are probably so bored with your job that you start reading funny memes you probably shouldn’t be reading at your job. Take a moment, check out these hilarious work memes, send to your co-workers and tell the boss you’re busy.

#1 Wake up for an early morning

alarm for work

#2 My boss could’t come to work because of this

excuse not to work

#3 Can’t make it to work because of serious heart disease

funny excuse not to work

#4 Happy working day

leave early in working day

#5 Ate lunch for breakfast

lunch for breakfast

#6 This is where I come to cry.

new employee

#7 An awesome office hack: how to avoid taking out the trash

office life hack

#8 Spider Fred is a chilly guy.

spider in office

#9 Today is Tuesday instead of Friday.

work on tuesday

#10 I’m pretty sure, you understand this.

working morning