#1 Every single working day is like this.

workplace memes how day is going

#2 A fine definition of “Multitasking”

work multitasking meaning definition

#3 A cute gecko looking outside the office window.

work memes cute gecko

#4 Creative job inspired from office boredom.

office stationery multiple functions

#5 Co-worker sucks up to the boss

workplace memes: co-worker suck up to the boss

#6 Funny work memes

funny work memes

#7 Office co-worker prank ideas

Funny office co-worker prank mouse

#8 Office working skills: Streamline your texting by using certain fingers for each letter.

office working skills typing tips

#9 A short poem for my daily job

funny work poem coffee blah drive home wine

#10 Customer service jobs

customer service job reality

10 Fresh Job Interview Memes