Words to How Great Thou Art Printable

Words to “How Great Thou Art” Printable

“How Great Thou Art” is a beloved hymn that has touched the hearts of countless individuals around the world. Its powerful lyrics and timeless melody have made it a staple in churches, gatherings, and personal worship. If you’re looking for a printable version of the words to this iconic hymn, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will provide you with a free printable of the lyrics to “How Great Thou Art” and answer some common questions about this beautiful hymn.

Printable Lyrics to “How Great Thou Art”

Click on the link below to download and print the lyrics to “How Great Thou Art”:

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This printable includes all the verses and chorus of the hymn, allowing you to have a handy reference for singing or reflecting on the lyrics.

Common Questions about “How Great Thou Art”

1. Who wrote the hymn “How Great Thou Art”?
The original Swedish text of the hymn, “O Store Gud,” was written Carl Boberg in 1885. The English version we commonly sing today was translated Stuart K. Hine in 1949.

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2. What inspired the writing of “How Great Thou Art”?
Carl Boberg wrote the original Swedish text after witnessing a thunderstorm and being moved the beauty of God’s creation. Stuart K. Hine later added verses inspired his own experiences and travels.

3. Is “How Great Thou Art” a Christian hymn?
Yes, “How Great Thou Art” is a Christian hymn that praises and glorifies God. It is often sung in churches and religious gatherings.

4. What is the meaning behind the lyrics of “How Great Thou Art”?
The lyrics of “How Great Thou Art” express awe and wonder at the majesty and power of God’s creation. They also reflect on the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and the hope of eternal life.

5. What is the most famous rendition of “How Great Thou Art”?
Elvis Presley’s rendition of “How Great Thou Art” is often regarded as one of the most famous and powerful interpretations of the hymn.

6. Can I use the printable lyrics for personal use?
Absolutely! The printable lyrics are provided for personal use, allowing you to have a convenient reference for singing or reflecting on the hymn.

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7. Can I share the printable lyrics with others?
Yes, you can share the printable lyrics with others for non-commercial purposes. However, it is important to credit the original source and provide a link to the printable.

8. Are there different versions of “How Great Thou Art”?
Yes, there are various versions and translations of “How Great Thou Art” in different languages. The hymn has been adapted to fit different musical styles and preferences.

9. Can I modify the printable lyrics?
While the printable is intended to be used as is, you can make minor modifications for personal use. However, any significant changes or alterations should be made with the permission of the original source.

10. Can I find sheet music for “How Great Thou Art”?
Yes, sheet music for “How Great Thou Art” is widely available online and in music stores. You can find both simplified versions and more complex arrangements to suit your skill level.

11. Can I use “How Great Thou Art” in a church service or public gathering?
Yes, “How Great Thou Art” is a popular choice for church services, weddings, funerals, and other public gatherings. However, it is always best to check with the organizers or relevant authorities before including any copyrighted material.

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12. Are there any alternative titles for “How Great Thou Art”?
While “How Great Thou Art” is the most commonly used title, the hymn is also known variations such as “O Lord My God” or “O Mighty God.”

13. Can I find recordings of “How Great Thou Art” online?
Yes, there are numerous recordings of “How Great Thou Art” available on various music platforms and streaming services. You can listen to different artists’ interpretations and find the one that resonates with you the most.

In conclusion, “How Great Thou Art” is a cherished hymn that continues to inspire and uplift people worldwide. With its printable lyrics, you can now have a tangible reminder of the profound words and melody that have touched so many hearts. Whether you use it for personal reflection or share it with others, may this printable serve as a beautiful reminder of the greatness of our God.

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