#1 “Hope you have a lens cloth . . . .”

nature wildlife photographer:behind the scenes animals
Ionel OnofraČ™

#2 “Did I get a good shot? Lemme take a look…”

wildlife photographers animals behind scenes: curious fox
(h/t boredpanda)

#3 In this moment, Dave understood, he is screwed….

“So what do you think?…. Lunch or Dinner????”–Bear

nature photographer with bear: photos behind the scenes
Lynsey Addario

#3 Cute animals behind wildlife photography scenes:Sea dog wants a petting…

animals behind scenes: wildlife photographers

#4 – WHO you looking at?…

funny animals behind scenes: wild owl standing on camera
Keith Kirk

#5 Cheetah pups are easily the most beautiful creatures on earth.

cute Cheetah pup: animals behind the scenes in nature photography

#6 Can I have a good shoot?

cute curious fox standing in front of photographer
Dan Dinu

#7 Do you think I’m that easily fooled????

cute fox, animal behind the scenes of wildlife photography