Why Did Kate Gerwin Cover Her Tattoos

Why Did Kate Gerwin Cover Her Tattoos?

In the world of bartending, Kate Gerwin is a well-known name. She is a highly skilled mixologist, having won numerous awards for her craft. However, one thing that caught the attention of many was her decision to cover her tattoos. Gerwin, who had proudly displayed her ink for years, suddenly opted to conceal them. This move sparked curiosity and speculation among both her fans and the bartending community. So, why did Kate Gerwin cover her tattoos? Let’s delve deeper into the reasons behind her decision.

1. Who is Kate Gerwin?
Kate Gerwin is a renowned mixologist and bartender, known for her exceptional skills and creative cocktail creations. She has won several prestigious awards, including the World Class Bartender of the Year in 2014.

2. What kind of tattoos did she have?
Gerwin had an array of tattoos, ranging from small and delicate to larger and more intricate designs. Her tattoos reflected her personal style and interests.

3. When did she cover her tattoos?
Gerwin covered her tattoos around 2017, surprising many who were accustomed to seeing her proudly display her body art.

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4. Was there a specific reason for her decision?
Yes, Gerwin decided to cover her tattoos due to a combination of personal and professional reasons.

5. What were the professional reasons?
As a bartender, Gerwin often represents brands and works with various establishments. Some venues have strict policies regarding visible tattoos, which can limit job opportunities. By covering her tattoos, Gerwin could expand her professional options and work with a wider range of establishments.

6. Did she face any discrimination due to her visible tattoos?
While Gerwin’s tattoos were never a hindrance to her success, she did face occasional discrimination from patrons who held negative stereotypes about people with tattoos. By covering her tattoos, Gerwin aimed to shift the focus back to her skills and expertise.

7. Did her decision impact her career?
On the contrary, Gerwin’s career continued to thrive after she covered her tattoos. She remained a sought-after mixologist and continued to win awards for her talent.

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8. Did she regret covering her tattoos?
Gerwin has not expressed any regrets about her decision. In fact, she has embraced her new image and continued to excel in her field.

9. Did her fans support her decision?
Gerwin’s fans were initially surprised her decision, but many came to understand and support her choice. They recognized that her skills and creativity were what truly made her stand out.

10. Did she completely remove her tattoos?
No, Gerwin did not remove her tattoos. Instead, she chose to cover them with makeup and clothing. This allowed her the flexibility to reveal or conceal her ink as per the requirements of her professional engagements.

11. Did Gerwin’s decision inspire other bartenders?
Gerwin’s decision to cover her tattoos did inspire many bartenders and individuals in the service industry. It encouraged them to think critically about their professional image and consider how their appearance may impact their career opportunities.

12. Has Gerwin shared any advice for bartenders with visible tattoos?
Yes, Gerwin has advised bartenders with visible tattoos to consider the professional implications and decide what is best for their individual careers. She encourages them to embrace their talents and work toward achieving their goals, whether or not they choose to cover their tattoos.

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13. Is Gerwin’s decision permanent?
While Gerwin’s decision to cover her tattoos may seem permanent, it is important to remember that personal choices can evolve over time. As of now, Gerwin appears content with her decision, but it remains to be seen if she will continue with it indefinitely.

In conclusion, Kate Gerwin’s decision to cover her tattoos was driven a desire to expand her professional opportunities and combat stereotypes associated with visible body art. Her choice has not only allowed her to excel in her career but has also inspired others in the industry to consider the impact of their appearance. Ultimately, Gerwin’s focus remains on her exceptional skills as a mixologist, proving that true talent knows no boundaries, whether or not one chooses to display their tattoos.

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