Where to Print Procreate Art

Where to Print Procreate Art: Exploring Options and 5 Interesting Facts

Procreate is a powerful digital art app that has gained immense popularity among artists and designers. With its vast array of tools and features, Procreate allows users to create stunning artwork on their iPads. However, when it comes to bringing your Procreate art into the physical realm, you may wonder where to print it. In this article, we will explore various options for printing Procreate art and provide five interesting facts about this digital art phenomenon.

Printing Options for Procreate Art:

1. Local Print Shops: One of the most common options is to visit a local print shop. These shops offer a range of printing services, including fine art printing on high-quality paper or canvas. You can simply save your Procreate artwork as a high-resolution file and take it to a print shop for professional printing.

2. Online Printing Services: Many online platforms specialize in printing digital artwork. These services allow you to upload your Procreate file and select the desired printing options. They offer a variety of materials, such as fine art paper, canvas, metal, or acrylic, and you can customize the size and finish of your print.

3. Home Printer: If you have a high-quality printer at home, you can print your Procreate art yourself. However, this option may not offer the same level of quality and color accuracy as professional printing services. It is crucial to use the appropriate settings and quality paper to achieve the best results.

4. Art Galleries: If you aspire to showcase your Procreate art in galleries, you can approach them with your portfolio and discuss the possibilities of printing and displaying your artwork. Galleries often have their preferred printers and can guide you through the process.

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5. Print-on-Demand Platforms: Several print-on-demand platforms allow artists to sell their Procreate art as prints or other merchandise. These platforms handle the printing and shipping processes, giving artists a hassle-free way to reach a broader audience. Some popular print-on-demand platforms include Society6, Redbubble, and Printful.

Five Interesting Facts about Procreate:

1. Award-Winning App: Procreate has won multiple awards, including the Apple Design Award and the App of the Year award. Its intuitive interface, powerful features, and continuous updates have made it a favorite among artists worldwide.

2. Limitless Brushes: Procreate offers an extensive library of brushes, and users can also create their own custom brushes. This versatility allows artists to experiment with various textures, strokes, and effects, making Procreate a versatile tool for digital art creation.

3. Time-Lapse Recording: Procreate has a unique feature that allows artists to record the entire process of their artwork creation as a time-lapse video. This feature not only helps artists share their techniques but also provides an engaging way to showcase their skills.

4. Layering Capabilities: Procreate supports multiple layers, enabling artists to work on different aspects of their artwork separately. This feature allows for easy editing, rearranging, and adjusting elements without affecting the rest of the artwork.

5. Procreate Pocket: Procreate is not limited to iPads only; there is also a version called Procreate Pocket, specifically designed for iPhones. It offers a simplified interface and many essential features, allowing artists to create artwork on the go.

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Common Questions about Printing Procreate Art:

1. What file format should I save my Procreate art in for printing?
Save your Procreate artwork as a high-resolution JPEG or PNG file for printing.

2. What size should I make my Procreate canvas for printing?
It depends on the desired print size. Ensure that your canvas dimensions match the aspect ratio of your desired print size to avoid any cropping or stretching issues.

3. Can I print my Procreate art on different materials like canvas or metal?
Yes, many printing services offer a range of materials to choose from, including fine art paper, canvas, metal, and acrylic.

4. How can I ensure color accuracy when printing my Procreate art?
Calibrating your monitor and communicating with the printing service about color profiles can help maintain color accuracy.

5. Are there any specific settings I should use when exporting my Procreate art for printing?
Export your Procreate art at its highest resolution (300 DPI) and ensure that you have turned off any compression or resizing options.

6. Can I print my Procreate art in large sizes?
Yes, Procreate art can be printed in large sizes, depending on the resolution and quality of your artwork.

7. Can I print my Procreate art in black and white?
Absolutely! You can print your Procreate art in black and white or grayscale adjusting the color settings during printing.

8. Is it better to print my Procreate art at a local print shop or online service?
It depends on personal preferences and convenience. Both options offer high-quality printing, so choose the one that suits your needs.

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9. How much does printing Procreate art cost?
The cost varies based on the size, material, and printing service you choose. It is advisable to compare prices and services before selecting one.

10. Can I print my Procreate art multiple times?
Yes, you can print your Procreate art multiple times. Many printing services offer bulk orders or discounts for multiple prints.

11. How should I pack and ship my printed Procreate art?
If you plan to ship your printed Procreate art, ensure you pack it securely using appropriate packaging materials, such as acid-free tissue paper, bubble wrap, and sturdy cardboard boxes.

12. Can I sell prints of my Procreate art?
Yes, you can sell prints of your Procreate art. Print-on-demand platforms provide an easy way to sell your artwork without the need for inventory or shipping.

13. Can I print my Procreate art on merchandise like t-shirts or mugs?
Yes, many print-on-demand platforms offer the option to print your Procreate art on various merchandise items, including t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, and more.

In conclusion, printing Procreate art offers artists the opportunity to bring their digital creations to life. Whether you choose a local print shop, online printing service, or explore other options, the possibilities are endless. Procreate’s popularity continues to grow, and with its impressive features and ever-expanding community, artists can harness its potential to create remarkable artwork.

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