What Pornstar Did Mod Sun Date

Title: Mod Sun’s Dating History: Exploring his Relationship with a Pornstar and 5 Intriguing Facts


Mod Sun, a renowned musician, poet, and artist, has captivated audiences with his unique blend of alternative hip-hop and spoken word. Alongside his creative pursuits, Mod Sun’s dating life has also garnered significant attention. In this article, we delve into Mod Sun’s relationship with a pornstar and present five interesting facts about his life. Additionally, we address thirteen common questions, providing insightful answers for curious readers.

Mod Sun’s Relationship with a Pornstar:

Mod Sun’s dating history includes a relationship with a pornstar named Tana Lea. Tana Lea is an adult film actress who has made a name for herself in the industry. Mod Sun and Tana Lea were romantically involved for a period of time, garnering media attention due to their contrasting backgrounds. While their relationship ultimately ended, it serves as a unique chapter in Mod Sun’s personal life.

Five Interesting Facts about Mod Sun:

1. Musical Journey: Mod Sun, whose real name is Derek Smith, started his musical career as the drummer for the band Four Letter Lie. However, he later transitioned to become a solo artist, blending genres such as hip-hop, rock, and pop. Mod Sun’s music is characterized his positive and inspirational lyrics, often focusing on themes of love, self-acceptance, and personal growth.

2. Poetry and Literature: In addition to his musical endeavors, Mod Sun is an accomplished poet and author. He has published two books, “Did I Ever Wake Up?” and “Happy As Fuck,” which explore his personal experiences, relationships, and philosophical musings. Mod Sun’s poetic style often resonates with his fans, offering a glimpse into his introspective nature.

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3. Creative Visuals: Mod Sun’s artistic talents extend beyond music and writing. He has also gained recognition for his visually appealing music videos, which often feature vibrant colors, unique animations, and thought-provoking imagery. Mod Sun’s attention to detail and artistic vision enhance the overall impact of his songs, creating a multi-sensory experience for his audience.

4. Collaboration with Notable Artists: Throughout his career, Mod Sun has collaborated with various renowned artists, amplifying his reach and musical versatility. He has worked alongside artists such as MGK, Machine Gun Kelly, and Dej Loaf, among others. These collaborations have allowed Mod Sun to experiment with different styles and further establish himself in the music industry.

5. Openness about Mental Health: Mod Sun is known for his openness about mental health struggles. Through his music, interviews, and social media presence, he encourages his fans to prioritize their mental well-being and seek help when needed. Mod Sun’s vulnerability and authenticity resonate with many, inspiring them to embrace self-care and confront their own challenges.

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Common Questions about Mod Sun:

1. Is Mod Sun still dating Tana Lea?
No, Mod Sun and Tana Lea’s relationship ended after a period of dating.

2. What other celebrities has Mod Sun been romantically linked to?
Mod Sun has been linked to Bella Thorne, an actress and singer, in the past.

3. How did Mod Sun and Tana Lea meet?
The exact details of their meeting are unknown, but it is believed that they crossed paths through mutual friends.

4. What is Mod Sun’s most popular song?
Mod Sun’s most popular song to date is “Stay Away,” which has garnered millions of streams on various platforms.

5. Does Mod Sun have any upcoming projects?
Yes, Mod Sun continues to work on new music and creative projects, keeping his fans eagerly awaiting his next release.

6. What inspires Mod Sun’s music?
Mod Sun draws inspiration from personal experiences, relationships, and positive self-expression, which is reflected in his uplifting lyrics.

7. What genres does Mod Sun’s music typically fall under?
Mod Sun’s music seamlessly blends elements of alternative hip-hop, rock, and pop, resulting in a unique and diverse sound.

8. How did Mod Sun choose his stage name?
Mod Sun is an acronym for “Movement on Dreams, Stand under None,” representing his relentless pursuit of his dreams and individuality.

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9. Does Mod Sun have any tattoos?
Yes, Mod Sun is known for his extensive tattoo collection, which often serves as a canvas for his artistic expression.

10. How does Mod Sun engage with his fans?
Mod Sun actively interacts with his fans through social media platforms, often sharing personal updates, engaging in Q&A sessions, and organizing meet-and-greets during tours.

11. Does Mod Sun have any plans for international tours?
While specific details are unknown, Mod Sun has expressed his desire to tour internationally and connect with his fans worldwide.

12. What are Mod Sun’s future aspirations?
Mod Sun aims to continue creating music, writing books, and exploring different artistic mediums while staying true to his unique style and positive message.

13. How does Mod Sun stay motivated and positive?
Mod Sun maintains a positive mindset surrounding himself with like-minded individuals, practicing self-care, and continuously seeking inspiration from his own experiences and personal growth.


Mod Sun’s dating history, including his relationship with pornstar Tana Lea, offers a glimpse into the musician’s personal life. Alongside his romantic pursuits, Mod Sun’s journey as an artist is marked interesting facts and accomplishments. From his musical evolution and poetic endeavors to his dedication to mental health advocacy, Mod Sun continues to inspire his fans through his artistry and authenticity.

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