#1 The wedding cake I want to have in my wedding.

pizza wedding cake

#2 Game programmers wedding is cool.

achievement unlocked first kiss on wedding

#3 How to steal your bride’s thunder: get proposed in her wedding!

girl's wedding nightmare

#4 Pretty much summed up the four steps of life.

marriage quote

#5 Funny Best man photos in the wedding.

men's wedding photos

#6 The ultimate wedding champagne stand

perfect wedding dress

#7 Bride’s priceless face in the wedding.

plans look better on paper

#8 Coolest wedding scene ideas: Table numbers with bride and groom’s picture at that age.

table numbers with pictures of bride and groom at that age

#9 The true feeling behind the wedding vows.

wedding Vows

#10 Choose the best photo as “thank you attending cards”

the cover of wedding album

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