#1 A turtle riding a capybara, perused by a swan, kinda intense.

unusual animals riding : urtle riding capybara

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#2 Praying mantis riding a snail–Faster my Nobel steed

unusual animals riding : praying mantis riding snail

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#3 A seal lion surfing a humpback whale–“I can show you the world”

seal riding humpback


#4 A  relaxing man looks like riding the woman in the photo


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#5 Polar bear cub riding its mother–ONWARD MOMMA! TO GLORY!

bear cub riding mother

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#6 A red winged blackbird riding on the back of a bald eagle.

blackbird riding bald eagle

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#7 A frog riding a bug

unusual animals riding : frog riding beetle

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#8 A raccoon riding a alligator in Florida. Is it a scene from Guardians 2?

raccoon riding alligator

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