#1 Triplets buggy motivation: Just do it!

triplets buggy selection

#2 It’s time to put pay phone in the museum.

lie about telephone

#3 Husband just do what they want.

funny husband meme

#4 That touching moment when a cat has a fist bump with you.

friend always there for you memes

#5 Our hearts are monsters, Our ribs are cages.

heart in cage

#6 That awkward moment when you’re trying to tell a story to your friends.

me telling story

#7 Deeply satisfying street art.

awesome street art ufo cow

#8 So someone bring back a Moai with a plane.

Stone statue on the plan

#9 Funny cat memes

turn anything on so badly

#10 So you had a bad day?

funny squirrel stuck

Daddy shows deep love to their favorite cars (BMW and Jaguar)