10+ Funny Meme Today #4 How Much Would A Trip To Spain Cost?

#1 Why are there biscuits in the sewing kit?
#2 Why is there a coyote on the bus?
#3 Iphone user: watches a 1 minute video on full brightness.
#4 How much would a trip to Spain cost?
#5 A person who has unlimited data
#6 Police department writes ‘popo’ on squad cars to relate with young residents.
#7 Politicians these days: Never in the history of this country has it been legal to make people work for free but that’s what’s happening to federal employees.
#8 Stay on the right path, even if you have to walk alone.
#9 Smart kid: There will be no school this week so Collin can stay home and play video games.
#10 How can someone look like a child and a child molester at the same time
#11 The joys of adulthood: You are still a child who likes to eat cereal for dinner and sing along to Disney movies, except…
#12 smart solution
#13 1.5 years of trust building exercises went into this photo
#14 Me in my 20s with my 63 year old back pains
#15 Someone doesn’t understand hydraulics

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