#1 Check-in online just 2 hours before departure time, you might get  a surprising upgrade to business seat for free (the chance is almost 50% )

tips of upgrade to business class flight for free

#2 Choosing a seat nearby emergency door is also good, but with great responsibility.

flight seat nearby emergency door

#3 Long distance flight can be exhausting, don’t forget to choose a right pillow.

choose the right travel pillow for flight

#4 Preparing some easy toys if you travel with kids.

travel tips with family at airport

#5 Don’t be afraid of making new friends at airport.

travel with kids tips at airport

#6 If you’re really bored at airport, have fun with this plug sticker (evil prank!) at airport.

Airport sticker prank wall outlet

10 Clever Tricks For Your Family Vacation. The 5th Is Genius.