Travel selfie with animals is not simple as it sounds. However, Allan Dixon, the guy from Ireland actually has some amazing skills to take travel selfie photos with any animals he met during his trip. Looks like every animal would love to share the happiness with him in front of the camera, see those big smiles on their faces! Allan also gave some advice As he said on Facebook.

“they should be very careful as to not upset or provoke the animal when they’re trying to take the photo. Gain the animal’s trust in a calm relaxed manner and the results will be golden. Make sure it’s not a crocodile.”

See more awesome photos on Allan’s Facebook page.

#1 Selfie with this High-five sea turtle

funny animal selfies, travel photos with sea turtle

#2 Meet the cutest Kangaroo in the world

travel selfie with animals: Kangaroo

#3 Laughing camel

awesome travel photos: making selfie with laughing camel

#4 Feeding duck

cool travel photos, feeding duck

#5 A photogenic horse

cool travel photos, animal selfies with horse

#5 A cool white Kangaroo

funny travel photos, animal selfies with kangaroo

#6 A cool and photogenic Parrot

best animal selfies photo, photogenic parrot

#7 A shy sea lion

funny diving photo, animal selfies with sea lion

#8 Road trip with a dog

road trip photos: selfie with dog

#9 Selfie with the cutest Quokka in the world

cute selfie with animal photos: Quokka