#1 Teacher memes: He definitely looks blue.

professor feeling blue

#2 Heart-warming notes from a student

best random acts of kindness

#3 This professor made learning fun.

chairman of the mathematics department

#4 “Go ahead and tell them your dog ate your homework. No one will believe you!” -Teacher’s Dog.

school memes: dog ate everyone's homework

#5 Funny school memes:Missing picture in a yearbook

missing picture in yearbook

#6 Let’s go in an adventure!

teacher's assignment funny memes

#7  This teacher “loves” his students.

teacher's sign funny picture

#8 This teacher has a killer sense of humor

Teachers Who Have a Killer Sense of Humor

#9 Problem of wearing a Vans shirt to attending the math class.

vans square root of answer

#10 This teacher had the last laugh.

Teachers who had the last laugh

College students Memes# 9 So Much Knowledge, So Much Debt.