#1 This is how my teacher comes for work.

funny teacher memes, school pictures

#2 Everything is better with a little Christopher Walken. Everything.
funny school photos, teacher memes, teacher office

#3 Teacher pranks student who fell asleep in the class.

funny teacher prank students in the class.

#4 Learn periodic table with Lady Gaga’s song.

periodic table lady gaga song

#5 Never leave your phone unlocked and unattended.

Got my phone taken away by a teacher, got it back like this. funny teacher in school

#6 That’s the old school I like to study.

funny university study photos: Professor not using laser pointer

#7 The reason why we love this professor.

Hilarious professor sent photo in class school meme

#8 We learn what a real-life Muppet looks like.

science teacher dresses up like Beeker from The Muppet Show.

#9 This is how teachers take a yearbook photo.

teacher's yearbook photos funny

#10 School Halloween best ideas: Principle is Gru, teachers are minions from Despicable Me.

school principal's Halloween

10 University Memes. #5 College Life In Four Pictures.