10+ Fresh Memes Today #14 Tampons Are Sold As A Book In Germany

#1 Bacteria
#2 the $5 challenge
#3 a joke about coleslaw
#4 When the customer drafting up their product requirements
#5 Star Trek: Deep Space Nice?
#6 When revision kills you
#7 What do we do when we are sad?
#8 A funny old picture
#9 When your headphones are broken
#10 When someone starts arguing with me about something I know a lot about
#11 When you drink cold water after chewing mint gum
#12 The “I’m going to draw” starter pack:
#13 Strange guy in the class
#14 Tampons in Germany have a 19% VAT (Value Added Tax) while books only have a 7% VAT. So tampons are sold as a book with the slogan Stop Taxing Periods.
#15 The queen has breached containment.

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