#1 When the best eagles player is a patriots fan

best eagles player

#2 Eagles fans

eagles fans

#3 The facebook feed after the Superbowl

facebook feed after super bowl

#4 Thank you, food at super bowl parties

food at super bowl parties

#5 When everyone hates Patriots

funny meme about pariots

#6 Super Bowl babies

Superbowl babies

#7 National anthem vs Hunger Games

lady gaga super bowl

#8 Funny Super Bowl commercials

political ad super bowl 2018

#9 Super owl?

Super Bowl and super owl

#10 Funny meme about Super Bowl

super bowl funny meme

#11 When your Super Bowl runs out of guac

super bowl runs out of guac

#12 When you’re playing against Tom Brady

tom brady

#13 Tom Brady leaving

tom brady funny meme

#14 The guy telling you not to worry about

superbowl memes

#15 Any question about the NFL catch rule?

NFL catch rule