Sunrider Academy How to Flirt With Maray

Title: Sunrider Academy: How to Flirt With Maray – A Comprehensive Guide


Sunrider Academy is a popular visual novel game developed Love in Space. Among the various characters in the game, Maray is a charming and enigmatic character who captures the attention of many players. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to successfully flirt with Maray, unravel her personality, and build a meaningful relationship with her.

1. How do I initiate a conversation with Maray?

Approaching Maray is best done starting a casual conversation about her interests. Ask her about her hobbies, favorite books, or music. This will help you establish a connection and show your genuine interest in getting to know her.

2. What kind of personality does Maray have?

Maray is a laid-back and carefree character, often seen with a smile on her face. She enjoys spending time outdoors, appreciating nature, and has a passion for art.

3. How can I impress Maray?

To impress Maray, show your artistic side. You can sketch or paint together, or even take her to an art gallery or museum. Additionally, she appreciates people who are kind and understanding, so be respectful and considerate towards her.

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4. What gifts does Maray like?

Maray loves receiving anything related to art. Consider giving her a beautiful sketchbook, a set of paintbrushes, or tickets to an art exhibition. Personalized gifts, such as a painting of her favorite scenery, can also leave a lasting impression.

5. How can I deepen my relationship with Maray?

Spend quality time together going on dates to scenic places, like parks or gardens. Engage in conversations about her dreams, aspirations, and experiences. Be supportive and show genuine interest in her life.

6. How can I make Maray feel special?

Compliment Maray on her artwork or her unique perspective on things. Remember to listen attentively when she speaks and show appreciation for her ideas and opinions. Small gestures of affection, like holding her hand or surprising her with her favorite art supplies, can also make her feel special.

7. How do I navigate Maray’s shy moments?

Maray may occasionally display shyness or hesitation. Respect her boundaries and give her space when she needs it. Be patient and understanding, as she may open up more as your relationship progresses.

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8. How can I handle conflicts with Maray?

Conflict resolution is crucial in any relationship. When conflicts arise, approach Maray with empathy and understanding. Listen to her concerns, be open to compromise, and apologize if necessary. Remember, effective communication is key to resolving conflicts.

9. How can I unlock Maray’s full story?

To unlock Maray’s full story, progress through the game’s main storylines. Make choices that align with her interests and values. The more time you spend with her, the more her story will unfold.

10. Can I pursue other characters while dating Maray?

In Sunrider Academy, you have the freedom to pursue multiple characters simultaneously. However, it is important to be honest and transparent with your intentions, as this can affect your relationship with Maray and other characters.

11. How do I know if Maray is interested in me?

Maray will show signs of interest through her body language, such as maintaining eye contact, laughing at your jokes, and engaging in meaningful conversations. She may also initiate plans or suggest spending more time together.

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12. What should I do if Maray rejects my advances?

If Maray rejects your advances, respect her decision and give her space. It is important to remember that not all relationships work out, and it’s crucial to maintain a healthy and respectful friendship.

13. How can I maintain a strong relationship with Maray?

To maintain a strong relationship with Maray, continue nurturing your connection regularly spending quality time together, supporting her artistic endeavors, and showing genuine care and affection. Communicate openly and honestly, and be there for her during both the highs and lows of life.


Flirting with Maray in Sunrider Academy can be an exciting and fulfilling experience. By understanding her interests, respecting her boundaries, and investing time and effort into building a meaningful connection, you can unlock her full story and enjoy a rewarding relationship. Remember, patience, understanding, and genuine care are the keys to winning Maray’s heart.

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