Subway is a great place full of inspirations for artists. Unlike our previous post Commute Doodles, which making fun of those commuters, Ben Rubin’s wild imagination gives him ability to create some monsters sitting together with those strangers on the subway. His subway doodles monsters already get more than 32K followers on Instagram. See more monsters on: Ben Rubin’s instagram page

#1 Astronaut walking to Houston station.

subway doodles monsters: astronaut walking on Houston station

#2 Mobilephone monster having fun on subway.

subway doodles monsters: mobilephone watching tiny people

#3 Kid with a little Mr.Mouse

subway doodles monsters: kid sitting aside a mouse

#4 Sleeping monsters

subway doodles: monster sleeping together with stranger

#5 Subway doodles: Sleepy human on a unicorn.

subway doodles monsters: commuter sitting on unicorn, napping.