10 Random Memes Today #7 South Korea’s Tactic In World Cup 2018

#1 coconut water vs. coke and water

coconut water

#2 Surprise!

fatherhood surprise

#3 Funny kid’s answer

funny kid's answer

#4 Men are not allowed to do this.

funny toilet sign

#5 Joel Osteen in his private jet

joel osteen

#6 NPR’s got the dad jokes down

NPR's got the dad jokes down

#7 South Korea’s tactic in world cup 2018

south korea world cup 2018

#8 Tip for iPhone friends

tip for iphone friends

#9 When you did bad thing…

when child did bad thing

#10 Brazilians in Moscow subway car during world cup 2018.

world cup Brazilians

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