10+ Cute Sleepy Kids That Are Too Real For Every Parent

#1 Kids can sleep everywhere.

cut sleepy kid

#2 Tell me more, you’re so interesting!

funny kids meme

#3 Every girl’s mother is familiar with this

funny sleepy girl

#4 I’m exhausted now.

kid exhausted

#5 “I’m like four days past my bedtime.”

kid sleeping on shelf

#6 Good night, sweet dreams

kids in midnight

#7 Every child is an angel!

kid's mission completed

#8 WTF happened last night?

kids sleeping problem

#9 “I’d like mornings better if they started later.”

monday meme

#10 Cute sleeping position of newborn

newborn coming out of womb

#11 Sleepy little rider

Sleepy little rider

#12 It’s bed time, no mater where.

When your dream started unexpectedly

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