#1 Single memes: Who needs a boy friend if you have a bottle of wine?

friends engaged funny memes

#2 The feeling of attending your friend’s wedding.

me at my friend's wedding

#3 Get back to single again, gonna change all the dating history, including the photos.

Photoshop done properly

#4 Stay optimistic, girls, stay optimistic…

choose to be optimistic

#5  Why Fat Man Lives Longer Than Single Man?

single kill faster than obesity


#6 The awkward moment for single girl joining the wedding.

me at my sister's wedding

#7 “Pick me, I’m signle”

pick me funny bananas single memes

#8 The best answer for “why you’re still single”

psychological damage funny memes

#9 Waiting for someone to hit on me…

When someone hits on me funny memes

#10 How to comfort single girls…

Here comes for girls

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