#1 So 7-Eleven store moved out of the town, it’s time for 8-Twelve.

8-12 new store in town

#2 Washing kid’s blanket issues

awkward moment of nightmare

#3 Tag the watermelon “Boneless”, supermarket marketing staff has done a good job.

boneless watermelon funny meme

#4 First problem of buying cheap IKEA  furniture : delivery fee.

delivery fee too much

#5 That’s no way to live.

no way to live

#6 A jar of sea shells: Pistachio shells

pistachio shells

#7 When you see your friend is going to do some stupid thing.

stop sign funny meme

#8 Every family can use this quote “Be strong, I wished to my WIFI signal”

be strong wifi signal

#9 How to showcase my talents at job interview.

trying to showcase talents at job interviews

#10 Life isn’t going right.

the floor is lava