56 Parents Sharing The Extremely Hilarious And Absurd Reasons Why Their Kids Cry. #1 Wouldn’t Buy Her Women’s Razor.

There are many reasons kids cry. They unexpectedly learn that crying, meltdowns and temper tantrums get adulation of a recognition from their parents. Although it might seem that someone is about to die, the kid just isn’t allowed to eat the cat food, drink chemical under the sink, toss books at parent’s faces, or any of the absurd reasons…

#1 The parents wouldn’t buy her women’s razor. via rageagainsttheminivan
#2 Because she doesn’t have more toes to paint. via rageagainsttheminivan
#3 The mom killed the best friend of her – a bug. via rageagainsttheminivan
#4 someone ate all the muffins. via Christine P.
#5 He was told can’t swim in cold weather. via rageagainsttheminivan
#6 don’t take my sticker away! via assholeparent
#7 He wanted to eat the cat’s food. via assholeparent
#8 He wanted to bite the cat. via jgeiger270
#9 Don’t touch my booger!
#10 Put my nails back! via carlo_amacio
#11 He wanted the old cheese stick he already ate. via rageagainsttheminivan
#12 The mother didn’t let her run into the road. via assholeparent
#13 Daddy touched her balloon. via _yiling_feng
#14 She wanted to drink the chemicals under the sink. via lauren_hovekamp
#15 Lets ducks out. via eiseljen
#16 He wanted to go trick or treating…in March. via Joanna L
#17 I don’t want the homemade soup. via Reasons My Son Is Crying
#18 Mom, I want wipe your butt! via Samantha B
#19 He wanted to eat the whole football. via Sarah C.
#20 She wouldn’t fit through the doggy door. via Amy L
#21 She found out that I have a name other than Mum. via Reasons My Son Is Crying
#22 She can’t marry daddy or her brother. via Leanne G.
#23 He wants take the unwrapped tampon out to run errands. via Jenn G
#24 He’s dinner isn’t ready. via Michelle C
#25 He will keep it as a pet. via Lindsey R
#26 Mom , You can’t put my nappy in the bin. via Laura M
#27 The dog was in the way. via Tiffany C.
#28 A piece of fuzz on his leg. via vickywithawhy
#29 The golden gate bridge isn’t actually golden. via rageagainsttheminivan
#30 Green via rageagainsttheminivan
#31 The parent wouldn’t let her eat the bath bomb. via rageagainsttheminivan
#32 He is allowed to pull his high chair over. via rageagainsttheminivan
#33 he can’t pick up the book he wants because he’s sitting on it. via acrookedframe
#34 no more bath after getting out of a bath. via rageagainsttheminivan
#35 He wanted his cycling backpack which doesn’t exist. via assholeparent
#36 She couldn’t go inside the dishwasher. via assholeparent
#37 She dropped a stool on the parents’ toe. via katiel218
#38 He wanted to eat trash. via missyjo3
#39 poo was flushed before he said good-bye. via assholeparent
#40 The mother won’t eat a piece of pizza crust that she already chewed on.
#41Two M&M’s via rageagainsttheminivan
#42 I’m a monster.
#43 new microwave via NatashaWattsUp
#44 wrong pink marker. via rageagainsttheminivan
#45 He wants to get on the bus on the TV. via assholeparent
#46 When the parent won’t carry her
#47 Parents won’t let the baby girl throw books at their faces. via rageagainsttheminivan
#48 She was given ravioli for dinner. via assholeparent
#49 The daffodils are gone. via momlovesmickey
#50 The parent refused to switch the sun off so the pumpkin could light up. via rageagainsttheminivan
#51 He couldn’t find the booger that fell from his nose. via rageagainsttheminivan
#52 A wrong birthday cake. via rageagainsttheminivan
#53 Mother’s shoes don’t fit her. via rageagainsttheminivan
#54 The kids was given the yellow cup which he wanted. via rageagainsttheminivan
#55 The mother took the toast off of her head.
#56 He wanted to eat dirt. Via Krystle B.

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