#1 Flea market medal: I’m the boss of the house.

funny flea market medal wife house permission

#2 Dropped $100 popcorn in movie theater.

funny expensive popcorn movie theater

#3 Majestic pigeon is standing defying gravity.

funny pigeon standing defying gravity

#4 Squirrel made a huge mistake.

funny squirrel trapped food feeder

#5 Be careful of your girlfriend sign.

girlfriend sign do what every you want

#6 A cute butterfly strawberry.

strawberry butterfly shape

#7 The main difference between dog and cat.

funny cat toilet paper mess proud

#8 Mother hen protecting puppies.

hen protecting puppies

#9 Brazilian carnival fault.

funny Brazilian carnival photos: drunk boyfriend kisses other girl

#10 Funny tiny sweater to Jaguar car.

Dad put sweater to Jaguar car during winter