#1 A car with a wine rack.

car with wine rack

#2 The first problem of being a baby.

feel empty inside

#3 So Jack is still alive after the sinking of Titanic.

husband texted me from ocean

#4 Whoever discovered this is a genius: a little man on a toilet in your phone.

little man on a toilet on the phone

#5 Cookie murderer thought.

murder a cookie

#6 Five years ago this little brave girl touched millions people’s heart, look how great she is! Do you feel old now?

open heart surgery for atrial septal defect

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#7 Overslept in the winter time.

overslept for work

#8 Call a plumber or an electrician?

problem for plumber or electrician

#9 How to Tell Someone You Won’t Go to Prom with Them. Katie turned down a prom invitation in a gentle and gracious way.

smart answer to boy

#10 Having fun working at library, wearing a panda hat!

wear panda hat to work

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