#1 The worst trip ever.

worse day on travel:luggage stuck at entrance gate

#2 Me trying to touch Third base at 12

teenager baseball mistakes

#3 Meet the evilest vending machine in the world

worse day: buying food on vending machine issues

#4 Worse day starts from Monday :Push cream button as clock snooze button

morning clock snooze button wrong

#5 Worse day starts from Monday: Using Diaper Rash Relief as toothpaste

diaper rash relief toothpaste wrong

#6 Worse day starts from Monday: Using strainer as cereal bowl

pour milk cereal strainer

#7 Worst pool painting job

worse day for pool painting workers:wrong instructions

#8 Ironic pain clinic sign

pain clinic sign

#9 McDonald always delivers as you ordered

Mcdonalds mcdouble only ketchup

#10 Have you tried hair removal cream shampoo?

worst day: using hair removal cream as shampoo

#11 Cat ruined everything

bad day: cat ruined brownies