1. “My aunt knew Bradley Cooper in college, before he was famous.”
© katiehagerty / twitter
2. “My aunt dated Ashton back when he was young, so I thought I’d take this time to let everybody else know about my family treasure.”
© peterson_molly / twitter
#3 “My mom dated Adam Sandler in high school.”
© BPearsonn / twitter
#4 Yes! This is them at prom!!!
© BPearsonn / twitter
#5 “Just found these pics of Leonardo DiCaprio with my family… (he dated my aunt).”
© lenaalawtattoo / twitter
#6 “So my mom dated Matt Le Blanc and she finally found a picture of them.”
© RimKoumaira / twitter
#7 “Turns out my mom dated a movie star in high school.”
© AlTschida2 / twitter
#8 “My sister used to date Usher in high school and she is just now telling me.”
© camrynmariaa / twitter
#9 “When my aunt dated Jamie Fox and we called him Uncle Jamie…”
© mikaelakistner / twitter
#10 “Someone found Ansel Elgort in their yearbook.”
© ltsTina / twitter
#11  “So my mom decides to tell me she dated John Legend secretly when I was 10???”
© heyitsjaii / twitter
#12  “My Uncle is good friends with Queen Latifah.”
© Jerseykidd97 / twitter
#13 “My daddy used to date that girl from Martin.”
© kissskhaai / twitter
#14 “My aunt dated Jimmy Fallon.”
© maddyahouse1 / twitter
#15 “Found Michelle Obama in my uncle’s yearbook”
© darahelena / twitter
#16 “I just found out a friend of mine went to high school with Zac Efron. He pulled out his yearbook as proof.”
© CeciliaBratton / twitter