“Don’t live in your dreams, live your dreams.”

#1 Tiny House, Giant Journey: A couple travel the world with their lovely dog and this amazing mobile house.

More info: tinyhousegiantjourney.com
Tiny house giant journey: Travel world with mobile home

#2 Woman Left Successful Career in NY to Build Dreaming Bamboo House In Bali.

More info: ibuku.com
Bamboo house in Bali: Ted talk

#3 A Lawyer Quits Job To Make Tiny Furniture.

More info: Instagram
lawyer quits job to make tiny furniture

#4 A Man Quit Job To Kayak The Mediterranean Sea And A Dog Joined His Wonderful Journey.

More info: Instagram
Kayaking Mediterranean sea with dog

#5 Woman Quit Her Job To Knit Sweaters For Cold Abandoned Greyhounds.

More info: knittedwithlove.co.uk
knitted sweaters greyhounds

#6 A Office Lady Quits Her Boring Job To Start Making Mini Paintings On Recycled Wood.

More info: etsy.com
painting on wood craft in Etsy

#7 A Man Quits His Job And Spends 10+ Years Drawing In The Sand.

More info: delightfulstories.com
Sand paintings earthscape trip

#8 HR Manager Quits Job To Become A Paper Artist.

More info: Instagram

amazing paper art

#9 A Bartender Quits Her Job And Sails Around The World With Her Rescue Cat.

More info: swellvoyage.com
Bartender sailing with cat and traveling world

#10 Man Quits Corporate Job Travel Across Australia With A VW Van,And His Rescue Cat.

More info: Facebook


Guy travel across Australia with VW van and his rescue cat