Mmmm I already feel good with this bathtub.

Fancy Home
Nov 15, 2014

ariel free standing whirlpool bath tub designs
It’s good if you have back and neck pain I have one at our holiday apartment at the Gold Coast :)The Ariel Free Standing Whirlpool Bathtub features clear sides for a unique, luxurious feel.via

A cat ate a balloon, guess what happened?

Nov 15, 2014

funny cat ate balloon
My husband and I can officially check “pull a balloon string out of a cat’s asshole at 11:30 at night” off our bucket list. FINALLY.Funny cat ate a balloon.

“How I met your mother” is A remake of “Friends”.

Nov 15, 2014

funny Friends HIMYM comparison TV shows
Funny facts: “How I met your mother” is basically a remake of “Friends”