A mythical creature in my kitchen.

Dec 6, 2014

funny kitchen girl dog centaur
My wife is a centaur in the kitchen.

Small Rocking Lamp by Mineheart

Fancy Home
Dec 4, 2014

Small Rocking Lamp creative designs 540x540
Young & Battaglia’s playful ‘Rocking Lamp’ design for Mineheart doesn’t need much explanation… it simply rocks!via fancy.com

A story that gonna warm your heart for a while in this cold winter.

Dec 4, 2014

cute little girl haircut 540x3854
My 3 year old daughter saw a little girl without hair and asked why she was bald. I explained she was sick and the medicine made her hair fall out. “Oh. She can have some of my hair,” she said. Cute little girl haircut for another girl. via imgur.com