#1 Proof that Taylor Swift  Paddington does.

taylor swift or paddington

#2 Paddington, looking like the raccoon from “Guardians of the galaxy”, dressed up as the murderer from “I know what you did last summer”.

paddington like the raccoon

#3 If Belle and Beast had a child, is this Paddington where coming from?

paddington belle and beast's child

#4 Paddington in a real puppy version.

paddington bear dog

#5 Another cute Paddington bears.

paddington bear and dog

#6 Paddington was brought to a shelter once, he had a great time!

bear in dog shelter

#7 Paddington’s uncle in the zoo.

Bear foot

#8 Paddington costume winner.

awesome paddington pants

#9 Paddington bear gift fail.

awesome teddy bear gift

#10 It’s not a Paddington, but I admit it is much cuter than Paddington.

a puppy or bear cute paddington bear