10 Fresh Memes Today!#1 Online Shopping Wool Shirt Get Shrunk.

#1 Online shopping wool shirt: Bad news and Good news.

online shopping: cat in wool shirt

#2 Cat looks like a rotisserie chicken.

funny cat looks like thanksgiving turkey.

#3 Ratatouille looks alike.

Disney Pixar movie : ratatouille looks alkie

#4 Marketing message failed.

ax with the message: marketing failure

#5 Grandma’s priceless gift: knitted Nike shoes

grandma's gift Jordan Nike knitted shoes

#6 We all live in the world as slaves of phones.

funny charging iPhone

#7 Why there is no fat stickman?

funny drawing fat stickman

#8 Twisted Shapes Balloon Art

Twisted Shapes Balloon Art

#9 Trap your baby into the phone wallpaper

funny iphone wallpaper

#10 Funny security door code

funny security combination code

10 Fresh Family Memes! #9 Awesome Thanksgiving Gifts For Your Family!

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homework how to write account

10 Hilarious Kids Test Answers That Are So Wrong But Brilliant.

funny weird shoes online

10 Fresh Memes Today! #9 When Woman Drives Car Without Navigation.