#1 Goose looking after blind dog brother.

Cool animal story: goose taking care of blind dog, best friends ever

#2 This janitor is a rock-star of elementary school.

Elementary school students lined up for signature of janitor on the yearbook

#3 Bumblebee trapped in a flower.

cute bumblebee wrapped in a flower

#4 Hen protecting two scared kitten in the storm.

A hen takes care of two kittens during the storm.

#5 Gecko is cool, this one is even cooler.

funny gecko upside down climbing the wall
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#6 Epic fail since vending machine was invented.

epic fail, bad luck on buying food on vending machine

#7 Patrick has never been this high before

Patrick was vandalized a Soviet star memorial in Voronezh, Russia

#8 Once in a lifetime photos:Few seconds before happiness.

once in lifetime photos: Grandpa gave grandchild puppy as gift