#1 Cat has a New Year’s Resolution.

funny cat new years resolutions

#2 Best new year gift I’ve ever had.

funny resolution coffee cup

#3 GYM business in December vs. January.

gym in december and january

#4 Prepare for the New Year’s Resolution.

new years memes lose weight

#5 No resolutions but good things you have done in the whole year.

new years eve notes

#6 Funny kid goal in new year

funny students goals in new year

#7 Making a perfect goals for new year.

goals for 2016

#8 Robert Downey jr. is tired of “New Year, New Me”

new year resolutions quotes

#9 Started using Gym card in new year.

start using gym card

#10 New Year’s Resolutions for four years in a roll.

new year resolutions