10 Funny Comments About Netflix! #3 I’d Join Netflix Dating Service.

#1 Netflix and chill

netflix and chill

#2 When your girlfriend is watching the Notebook on Netflix and you don’t want her to know you love that movie, so you’re like…

netflix funny meme

#3 I’d join Netflix dating service if they have one…

Netflix dating service

#4 Let your kitty choose what kind of movies to watch.

catch watching Netflix

#5 So many movies, nothing to watch…

netflix like a refridgerator

#6 Get a washer and dryer, cancel Netflix subscription…

new washer and dryer

#7 Silly Netflix

silly netflix

#8 When there are new shows on Netflix.

the office funny meme

#9 The feeling when you find a great series on Netflix.

watch netflix funny meme

#10 Shoutout to Netflix.

watching netflix

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book reading meme

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