#1 You can change friends but not neighbors.-Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Fun Christmas idea

#2 A good neighbor increases the value of your property.-Czech Proverb

buglar-proof house funny memes

#3 A good neighbor is a priceless treasure.-Chinese proverb

curious cat of neighbor

#4 Good fences make good neighbours.

funny dogs of neighbor

#5 You can be a good neighbor only you have good neighbors.

funny message of neighbor on face book

#6 Love thy neighbor — but don’t pull down your hedge.-Benjamin Franklin

how to keep neighbor kids out of yard funny meme

#7 When your neighbour is barbecuing…

neighbor barbecuing funny memes

#8 Having an annoying neighbour would be like this…

neighbor mowing lawn funny memes

#9 Love your neighbours

neighbor's spring funny memes

#10 Neighbour’s new satellite.

neighbor's new satellite

10 Family Memes Today!#2 Best Husband Oscar Award.