the National Aquarium of New Zealand showcase their beloved animal penguin in a unique way. They post Penguin of the Month and honor the best and naughtiest of their kind. The offenses of the naughtiest penguins are so funny, that we couldn’t resist but share more of their crimes and of course! Scroll below for the list and find the penguin of the year 2019!

# Jan. Flip: Abandoned her boyfriend and their baby for an entire week.
# Feb. Lulu For being extra snappy at feeding times.
# Mar. Pulling the leg hair of a gentleman on a penguin encounter.
# Apr. Being a Casanova trying to steal others girlfriends.
# May Disrupting the keepers when they are trying to clean the windows.
# Jun. Not swimming enough and staying in bed till feeding time.
# Jul. Bulling the other penguins chasing them around at the feeding station.
# Aug. Stealing his girlfriend’s fish even though she is predominately blind
# Sept. Laid her egg in someone else’s burrow and left them to it.
# Dec. Being a bully to Martin & Burny kicking them out of burrow.
# Penguin of the year. Your finalists!
# Winner! Penguin of the year.