#1 When you’re shopping with your mom and accidentally lose track of her
#2 I don’t know if I should say hi to her ask for an autograph or report her to the museum.
#3 This is how the police found one of three missing PETA protesters who chose a biker rally to whine about leather usage.
#4 when you thought everything would be easy peasy lemon squeezy but it’s actually difficult difficult lemon difficult
#5 LOL
#6 Opportunity was seen and taken. Kudos to you, door installer.
#7 Do you have any talent?
#8 I’m eating and this crackhead wanna walk in and bust a split
#9 Don’t confuse your google search with my medical degree.
#10 When you finally defeat a difficult boss but it’s health meter fills back up for Phase 2
#11 Me 5 seconds after getting home.
#12 This picture accurately describes my love life.
#14 I’m fat, but I identify as skinny
#15 When you just keep leveling up your starter weapon.