#1 This lady holding an unicorn.

renaissance portraits of women

#2 I dare you to tickle me again, Lucius.

renaissance art funny captions

#3 A cool dad instead of a regular dad in the museum is like:

Painting Jean-Jacques

#4 Best friends mean a mess together

hilarious snapchat historic art

#5 When your friend posted “I’m fucking dead” and you gotta check on him in private.

museum funny snapchat

#6 Google search confirms your intellectual dominance.

hilarious snapchat museum art

#7 This man in the museum is begging for the WIFI password.

hilarious museum snapchat

#8 When you can’t feel your phone in your pockets

funny tweets art museum

#9 Time traveler: Patrick

funny snapchat art museum

#10 When you have a friend comes from a circus

funny snap chat art history

#11 Two bishops whispered:I just saw a lady’s ankle.

famous paintings with captions

#12 When your friends interrupted you and expressed their opinions

diptych of martin van nieuwenhove Hans Memling

#13 This magical baby is radioactive.

classic art pictures

#14 The moment that happens in the classroom the most


#15 Find out: the girl’s bathroom is the occult.

art history funny memes

#16 The most terrible thing when the test is coming

art funny captions