Japanese artist Tatsuya Tanaka seeing the everyday objects around him differently. Since 2011, he has been creating creative and amazing miniature dioramas, and his daily work still keeps going, his miniature calendar is keeping update to date!

Tanaka uses daily objects or foods to display a incredible world.It’s such a pleasure when you watch those daily calendar. See those miniature calendar from 2011 on his website: Miniature Calendar



#1 Pills–Box punching bag

miniature boxer punching bags

#2 Cookie–Battle shield

miniature calendar: cookie as shield for soilder

#3 Brush–shower room

miniature shower brushes

#4 Donuts–boats

miniature boat donuts

#5 Stationary tools–helicopter

miniature helicopter: pencils

#6 High heel shoes–shopping mall

miniature shopping mall: high heel shoes