#1 Sorry, Mexiko. Today we build the wall. XD

football games today

#2 Our campaign begins with defeat.

germany lose the game

#3 Mexico stuns defending champ Germany.

mexico team won Germany

#4 The Mexican built the new wall.

mexico world cup 2018

#5 Mexican fans celebrating Germany defeat

mexico won the game

#6 Mexico about Germany: is this your champion?

mexico won germany

#7 Mexican fans made joke: how German came into the game vs. how they are played.

mexico vx germany

#8 Mexican fans made a lot of jokes involving tiny Chihuahas, a national symbol of Mexico, beating up larger, tougher German Shepherds.

mexico stun the champions in moscow

#9 Chihuahas vs. German Shepherds.


german shepherds lose

#10 Quick recap: Mexican vs. German

chihuahas beating up german shepherds

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