#1 Don’t worry, Grandma will treat your dog very well.

funny fat dog memes

#2 Coincidence? Donald Duck Turns upside down–Donald Trump!

funny Donald duck Trump

#3 Creative bicycle riding games in the Gym, no more boring workout.

creative gym bicycle riding

#4 This guy likes to collect knives from the river.

funny guy collection knives

#5 Boredom on the finest level: Orange Spider Man.

funny spider man orange

#6 Oh Princess Leia

funny sofa looks like princess Leia


#7 Enjoy your travel with your pets. Dog making photos at Pisa.

cute dog Pisa photo

#8 Funny creative Julius Ceasar knife set

history memes julius ceasar knife set

#9 When you lie your working experience on your resume.

funny dog memes sheepdog

#10 Pun of today: How did I escape from Iraq?

funny puns how did i escape from Iraq
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