#1 The future comes too soon: a security robot drowned itself.

security robot drowned itself memes

#2 NYC subway:dogs in a bag.

The NYC subway banned all dogs unless the owner carries them in a bag...

#3   So you’re having a bad day?

bad day funny memes: a car paved over on the street.

#4 Shopping with girlfriend: those men are all lost.

boyfriend waiting for girlfriend shopping memes

#5 Crazy ladies in Halloween.

cat lady's Halloween memes

#6 Graduated student’s first problem: How to get 10 years of working experience after university graduation.

job memes: when employers want you to have 10 years of working experience before the age of 20.

#7 Dog memes: Dog owners will understand the feeling.

dog memes:When you're out having a good time and realize your dog is home all alone missing you


#8  John Mulaney: “Something happened here. You hope it was a miracle, but probably not.”

missed a miracle on the beach memes

#9 A bunny tells the best puns.

funny puns bunny hip-hop


#10 Choose a right furniture for your chubby cat.

funny cat furniture

10 Funny Pictures Today! In Case You’re Having A Bad Day.