#1 My eyes hurt when I look at this pair of shoes

funny weird shoes online shopping

#2 A giant grasshopper invading the town.

funny grasshopper on car windshield

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#3 The reason that you shouldn’t piss off the IT guy in your company.

IT service fix laptop keyboard problem

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#4 A rare blind cave fish chokes on a barbie doll.

funny kid drawing rare blind cave fish chokes

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#5 How grandma fix computer problems.

grandma becoming a computer hacker

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#6 How to make a photo to prank your parents.

make a prank photos to your parents

#7 Doggo luv peesha

funny dog memes: dog wants pizza

#8 A dragon leaf.

dragon shadow funny

#9 How female driver driving car without navigation.

funny woman driving car without navigation

#10 Don’t bother her, she is a professional food photographer.

people taking food pictures, share on Facebook

10 Single Memes Today! #5 Single Bells, Single Bells, Single All The Way.