#1 Cute Halloween costume: The pure joy written all over Cruella’s face in response to her younger sibling’s anguish. priceless.

Cruella De Vil Halloween costume Disney
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#2 When Two Buildings Are Falling In Love.

funny building design memes hug

#3 Virtual Reality 20 years before and after.

funny virtual reality oculus technology memes

#4 This is so  adorable, and next level wholesome right here.

little boy dresses up superhero help cat

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#5 When you just think there is no more creative Halloween costumes.

creative Halloween costume fireplace fire

#6 Madagascar victory escape is ahead!

Madagascar penguins memes flight

#7 The best way to get rid of a spider in your house.

funny message get rid of spider: tell if it wants a serious relationship.

#8 The awkward moment that you have to show how much you love your grandma’s thanksgiving gift ideas.

thanksgiving gift idea grandma buys clothes.

#9 The last photo I want to take before I die.

funny dog memes last photo

#10 Cute cows have better hair than mine.

cute cows shampooed conditioned blow dried

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